Friday, 16 November 2012

Of late...

1&2 Colour around the house
3&4 Getting into the Christmas spirit at the most over the top Christmassy garden centre we know
5&6 In the pet shop
7 Random legs
8 Stripy winter sky
9 Front window fireworks
x x x


  1. I love these photos, each so different in their own way... and those fireworks! Just magical. Hope you're off to have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Gorgeous photos, as always. Love the rose. We have a garden centre like that very near us and we go every year with the kids just to marvel and the sheer over the top tacky-ness of it all, it's brilliant! x

  3. <3 your crayon rainbow!
    think you subconsciously inpsired me.
    happy monday

  4. stunning pictures, I think I love the first, third and last the most. I'm glad to have come across your beautiful space here! x

  5. Beautiful pictures. Just found your lovely blog....following along x