Monday, 25 June 2012

Twenty five weeks in

This week we have:

- stepped things up a pace. Although pretty much house bound all week with a bad cold, this little bean has not stopped. Speed crawling, climbing for the first time, standing for the first time, unsuccessful walking attempts, climbing again and again, bashed heads, bashed knees, scratched limbs. Frustrating and knackering (for both her and me). But amazing. My baby has grown up a lot this week.

- ventured out of the house briefly to make a couple of trips to the park to indulge the little beans latest passion. Dog spotting. This girl takes after her Ma with her love of canines. Any dog we come across is greeted with one pointing hand, one waving hand and a constant stream of "Hi, hi, hi, hiya, hi, hiya, hi, hi, hiya, hi, hi, hi, hi........." until the owner brings it over to meet her. God help it if she gets her hands on it.....

- been surprisingly excited to see the Olympic torch relay pass the top of our road. I unexpectedly found the experience really emotional, watching from the side of the road, just me and my girl, baby in one arm, camera in the other....

A selection of pics of the bean's adventures around the house, the first rose in our new garden, the bean's new chair, flowers to make me feel better, the bean sabotaging Daddy's beer, nachos and Euro 2012 night, trips to the park and the passing Olympic torch. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Two weeks ago, on June 8th, we celebrated a milestone in my family history. My Granny's 100th birthday.
Family and friends from Canada, Cyprus and all over the UK came together to join this very special lady at her very special party. 
We celebrated with a fusion of traditional English and Cypriot music, food and entertainment, perfectly matched to our family's heritage.  If medals were given for party planning, my Mum deserves one of the highest accolade for the amazing job she did. The whole afternoon was perfect.

My favourite pics from the day, all taken by my fantastic Tim. The mood perfectly captured.

(And yes, that is a fireman strippogram. If you can't indulge on your 100th birthday, when can you?!)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day

Gahhh, love them too much. My heart melts.
The picture?..... How this one ended up.
Happy Daddy's Day.

Twenty four weeks in

This week we have:

- got our craft on with the help of this, to make a very special Daddy a very special Father's Day pressie.
- spent a lovely Father's Day together after a long couple of weeks of Daddy working away.
- gone to the local play park for the first time and been terrified by the other Mums (okay, just me terrified, I felt like I was intruding on some secret club). The little bean loved it though, as you can see here.
- stumbled across our local Barrio Fiesta and had a great time.
- gotten our first proper cold. Baby snuffles. Too cute.

Pics of our crafting fun, some colourful Barrio Fiesta details and an incredibly cute, snotty nosed bean.