Sunday, 25 November 2012

House of germs and accidents

It's been non-stop illnesses and accidents around here this last fortnight. Colds, chest infections, tummy bugs and bumped heads.

We've been cooped up for what seems forever and are starting to go a little stir crazy...

Thank goodness for:
1. Daddy cuddles
2. Spray roses
3. Art attacks
4,5,6,7,8,9&10. Trips to the local farm
for keeping us a little sane (seriously, look at that bump, poor poppet)


  1. Oh you poor souls. Hope you are all on the mend. I love that picture of the little red shoe with the autumn leaf, that's just so, so beautiful. x

  2. sweet little girl. hope your all feeling much better soon. i remember my son bumping his head at this age and it's not nice. i love the photos of the shoes too. take good care. xo

  3. Oh no, hope you are all feeling much better now. I love those little red shoes, Elizabeth had the same ones but in blue for her first shoes. I still have them packed away in the little box somewhere. x

  4. I feel your pain! Every autumn, I wait for the coughs, colds and ear infections to begin. It's the same every year and it's tiresome! But one kind doctor did tell me that the more viruses they catch young, the better their immunity when they start school.

    Those photos are lovely - especially the little red shoes shot. x

  5. Well at least you have a positive outlook on it all :) Hope it all gets better soon :)
    Ellen xx

  6. Ugh, poor you. SO miserable to be cooped up sick and snotty. and head bumpy (I always feel so terrible when G whacks himself - but I guess it's part of exploring the world?)
    Feel better.