Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Monday, 29 July 2013


Picking flowers on the hill at Solomon's Temple during a flying family visit to Buxton. You had a lovely weekend, despite the rain and the silly Mummy ankle accident.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Twenty-two months old

At twenty-two months old.....

You like: exploring, running (a newly acquired skill), dancing, shouting, playing in water, getting messy, eating things you shouldn't like chalks and sand, flowers, sticks, bugs and butterflies, your blanky, playing with Edie, ice-cream, Ben the dog (and all dogs), going to dance class, dressing up in your fairy wings and tutu, trying on other peoples shoes, reading, stickers, drawing, cameras, taking pictures with Daddy, swings and slides, bouncy castles, orange juice (and lots of it).

You dislike: having your hair washed / face wiped / nappy changed, having sun-cream put on, wearing sun-hats, going to bed, staying still!

The things I don't want to forget:
*The way you pretend to leave and go to the shop / park / seaside. The little wave you give accompanied by a "See you, bye, later" and a goodbye kiss. Too. Cute.
*The way we have to say goodnight to everything we can see from your bedroom window before bed, and how you always say "Night Mar-faa" to next door neighbour Martha.
*Your amazing dance moves and how you ask Daddy to put the "Bee boys" on (Beastie boys) for a dance.
*The amazingly clever way you string sentences together now and how your vocabulary has exploded. You know SO many words.
*How you like to lift your top to show your "tum tum" and how astonished you were to discover your belly button!
*How heart-breakingly cute you and Edie are together. The way you talk to each other, follow each other around, play together (or not!) and always give each other a kiss when you say bye.

Twenty-two months is great, and so are you.
Love you.