Saturday, 22 December 2012

Three more sleeps...

Only three more sleeps 'til Christmas??! I know it's such a cliche, but these last twenty two days have flown by at an alarming pace...

Pictures from our full to the brim, action packed, lead up to Christmas...

1. Festive foliage.
2,3,4,5,6. From our snowy trip over the Peaks to visit family (FYI The owl was tame and with a handler, we weren't randomly swooped on!..)
7. Cousin kisses
8, 9. Surprise nursery-made Christmas gifts. Already the best presents I've ever received. SO proud.
10. Sneaky peeker.
11, 12. Her bauble and nursery-made crown. Both loved very dearly.
13. Thistles.
14. The first festive buffet of the year.
15. Decorations.
16. Her own tree to decorate.
17. Tree reflections.
18,19,20, 21. From the annual Christmas lights and festive doughnut evening drive. Already a tradition in it's second year.

Now just to finish the wrapping, packing, cleaning, sorting...



  1. Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas. x x x

  2. Lovely photos, especially the blurry tree in the mirror, gorgeous. We also treasure our glitter covered tree decorations and cards, they are the best gifts ever. x