Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Putting up our (totally artificial, but totally amazing) Christmas tree. 'Less is more' is not a saying heard often in this house. The little bean loves it. Almost as much as the box it is stored in.

Oh, and that last picture? That's the little bean's Christmas wand, made (with a little help) at the Steiner Christmas fair. I love it. My favourite decoration ever.



  1. Totally agree, 'less is more' is never, ever heard around these parts. No idea what that means! Lovely pictures and hope you are enjoying the run into the Festive season, Jxx

  2. Lovely festive photos ... our tree is going up this the weekend ... Bee xx

  3. It's such a wonderful time of year is'nt it? x

  4. We are putting up our (artificial) tree this weekend. I always campaign for a real one but the prospect of saving £40 is just too tempting right now. Yours looks fabulous. And your girl is clearing getting into the festive spirit! x

  5. Love the wand!
    And I don't believe in minimalist Christmas trees either - abundant festivities :)