Thursday, 18 October 2012

x x x

1. Pre "first proper shoes" practice shoes
2. Pink lilies
3. Park adventuring
4. Self-styled breakfast
5. Town Hall tiles from Light Night Leeds
6. Shopping
7. Birthday bunting to nursery bunting
8. Story time
x x x


  1. Those shoes... oh, my heart! Just lovely!

  2. shopping photo...completely adorable. i love her shoes. it's so much fun when they can start wearing proper soles on their feet. though in saying that it feels good to get around bare foot too. hope all is going well with your return to work. xo

  3. What cute little shoes for a cute little lady ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee x

  4. Hello. Such lovely pictures. And you live in Leeds - snap! Thanks for all your nice comments over on my blog. So pleased to have found yours. x