Saturday, 13 October 2012

Thirteen months old we went and ate chips to celebrate...

at thirteen months...

You love: Dogs, Sheep, Dancing, Eating, Walking (just a few steps at a time at the moment though..), Books, Cuddly toys (especially Floppy Dotty, Cliff, Dog, Nina and Special Cat) , Making music, Listening to music, Nursery, Peekaboo, Cuddles, Betty and Mo (the guinea pigs), Sticking your tongue out, Shouting and Singing.

You dislike: Having clothes put on, Having your nappy changed, Being put in your car seat, Being put in your pushchair, Napping at home and Sleeping past 3am without Mummy!!!

Your favourite foods: Pasta, Chips, Fish, Peas, Baked Beans, Cheese, Weetabix, ALL Fruit, Ice Lollies, Booby Milk and any Biscuit you can sneakily get your hands on!!

Your favourite toys: Any of your fast growing cuddly toy collection. Your: Basket of musical instruments, Balls, Bucket and Spade set, Walker, House Shape Sorter, And though technically not toys, your book collection. You will happily sit and look through every book by yourself and LOVE having books read to you too. If you see me reaching for a book to read to you, you make the same excited noise you make for milk time and for when you see some food you really want!!

We love you so much.
As always.



  1. And I can totally see why you love her so much! Your photos are so lovely x

  2. Such lovely memories to record for your little one ... she is so pretty ... Bee xx

  3. I love that she makes the same noise for books as she does for milk, that's so cute! Lovely photos. And what a good girl to eat her fruit - if she'd pop round and explain how that is done to my three year old son, that would be just great! x

  4. oh my goodness...beautiful!! Just found your's lovely! x

  5. I can't believe how quickly thirteen months has come around. Crazy! x