Monday, 20 August 2012

Thirty three weeks in

This week we have:

- not done much. A mixture of being a bit ill, being a bit poor and that 'returning to work soon' feeling has meant we've spent most of our days at home, enjoying the house, and each others company. This, however, has had it's (literal) downfall. The little bean is fearless at home, climbing and crawling into anything she can. Cue her first ever black eye. Sob! Tough as nuts, she is.

Book time, an accidental strawberry heart stain, cornflowers and one bruised little cherub face.


  1. Still cute, black eye and all! Sounds like it's time for the dreaded baby-proofing - I remember those days well!

    At least when you return to work you wont be so poor - every cloud has a silver lining. x

  2. Hi- gave you a wee award over at my blog- hope thats ok- no pressure to do it. Hope all good with you. Fab pics as ever, Jo xx

  3. Hi, your blog is lovely! I found it via Bind You To Me. x

  4. Aww bless her, that last pic is so sweet. xx

  5. Such cute photos, and sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you're feeling better and what a cute little one.