Monday, 27 August 2012

Thirty four weeks in

This week we have:

- celebrated the little bean's best buddy's first birthday. Happy Birthday Edie. The girls celebrated with strawberries and animal biscuits.

- spent cosy afternoons cuddling on the sofa and reading books whilst it has thrown it down outside.

- seen the little bean finally master her walking truck cart thing. And consequently seen her get repeatedly frustrated as it reaches a wall and comes to a standstill, just as she's picked up speed. I wish we had a really long corridor around here!

- spent time down at the farm, admiring the beautiful flower crops.

- had not one, but TWO nights out! I had my first girls night out since before I was pregnant and then another night out with Daddy whilst Granny kindly babysat. Unfortunately, I also had the hangovers to prove it.

- seen the little bean learn lots of useful new skills, including how to pickpocket Daddy. Good work, now if I could only get her to split it with me....

Pics from a rainy walk at the farm, admiring the flowers, and the little wallet swiper at work.


  1. Lovely sunflower ... it's great to see the little ones reaching milestones ... Bee x

  2. Lovely pics. Little ones always seem to love purses and wallets, I have to keep hiding mine away otherwise half my cards go missing! xx

  3. Childcare with a hangover is the worst thing ever. But it feels so good to get out, doesn't it! Lovely photos. My daughter "lost" my passport when she was about 18 months old while playing with the pretty red book with the photo of mummy in it. Hide your precious things! x