Monday, 6 August 2012

Thirty one weeks in

This week we have:

- gotten into the Olympic spirit. We've really enjoyed London 2012 so far, the little bean has been particularly taken by the swimming, equestrian events and anything that Sir Steve Redgrave has commentated on (for some reason she really loves his face).

 - spent some lovely sun filled days with friends and family.

Pics of our Olympic inspired days. Make shift ball pools, my cosy Olympic watching corner, a rather patriotic window display at my Mums and snaps from a lovely family Sunday.


  1. Lovely pictures and those cute wee feet! Jo xx

  2. Oh I am so into the Olympics. Loving it! We've been making Olympic torches and having lots of races in the park. The ball pit is a good idea though - I've got them stashed away somewhere so must dig them out! x

  3. Hi Jude, thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely blog you have here! I love those little shoes, my two used to wear them - in fact I probably still have them somewhere in my "sentimental box". Great photos. x