Monday, 14 May 2012

Nineteen weeks in

This week we have:

- been super proud of my sister, winning a design competition AND completing her first half marathon in under two hours
- cheered all the half marathon runners on from the comfort of our front yard as they ran past our house!
- welcomed the little beans third tooth
- been to the 'International Party' at our local school, tasting food, music and dance from all the many cultures in our community
- enjoyed some sunshine and seen some impressive rainfall and thunder storms too
- seen the little bean crawl (/drag!) for the first time. Go bean!

A stormy skyline, the marathon starters viewed from our front yard and the little bean celebrating a week of achievements!


  1. A tooth and crawling - that is a big week.
    And well done to your sister. I would love to be a runner, pound out the daily stresses on the pavement, sadly I am crappo at running so I envy her!

  2. Hurray for new teeth! Isn't just the cutest thing to find some new white poking through? ;)) sounds like you all had a jam-packed good time!!

  3. The international party sounds like fun! Half marathon, not so much... hehe Clever sister you have, not to mention a clever little bean ;) xxx

  4. P.S Is that a triumphant fist pump after her first crawl/drag in the last pic? ;)

  5. Jude, Congratulations to your clever sister and of course congratulations to your clever little bean.... what a week of fabulous achievements!! :) x x