Monday, 7 May 2012

Eighteen weeks in

This week we have:

- enjoyed the return of some sunshine
- found an amazing nursery
- started making and enjoying our treasure basket
- slept through for one full night!
- made new friends and had a ball at our first messy play group
- had a relaxed, cuddle-filled, smiley bank holiday weekend

Sunshine skies, the little bean exploring her treasure basket, sunsets from our living room window, Daddy cuddles and twilight skies reflected in a well-deserved bank holiday glass of vino.


  1. Slept through the night... WOO! Nice work little bean ;) xx

  2. Good sleeping little one ... YAY!!!
    Your week sounds wonderful!

  3. The treasure basket is fantastic and so appropiate. The article on Heuristic play is so interesting, thanks for the link...I know a little one around the same age as your little bean who would love one of these baskets filled with all kinds of wonderful to explore :) x