Thursday, 15 August 2013

Twenty-three months old

Just a month away until you're two.

A massive cliché, but I can't believe how quickly it's gone.

At twenty-three months old.....

You like: drawing, reading, telling us what colour things are, climbing, bouncing, running, jumping, washing your hands, blueberries, chicken, broccoli, jam on toast, belly buttons, buttons, flowers, your "Bicyl-Bee", Mr Potato Head, puppets, nursery, your friends, Charlie and Lola, dogs, Ben the dog, the piggies, cats, birds, butterflies, caterpillars, all animals (real and your toy varieties), stones, flowers, smelling flowers, sticks, eating sand, eating chalk, "Bee Boys" (Beastie Boys), "Stevie Wonder", dancing, stickers, drawing with pens, painting, pine cones, pineapple, "building" towers, taking pictures, your red wellies, putting all your toys to bed before you.

You dislike: having your nappy changed, putting clothes on, going to bed, going for naps, when Mummy or Daddy sit down for a minute, when people don't understand what you're asking for, sitting in your high chair, staying still, loud noises that surprise you.

The things I don't want to forget:
*The way you ask "What's that noise?" at every single noise you hear.
*How you've started describing little things as "tiny".
*How we have to smell all the flowers outside nursery before we go in or leave.
*How you say "Poor Mummy" if I ever say 'ow!'.
*How if I ever dress you or me in an item of clothing you like, you say "WOW! Lovely Mummy!"
*Your amazing drawings.
*How you love holding hands with me.
*How ticklish you've got, and how drying you after your bath ends up in hysterics!
*The conversations you have with your toys before you fall asleep in your cot and how you talk about your day with them.
*How you say "Lovely day" after you've had a nice time doing something.

You're the best, we can't wait to see what two brings.
Love you forever and always.

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