Thursday, 22 August 2013


Last weekend we visited the most amazing sensory gardens with Granny and Ben.
I really, really wish my photos did this place justice, but unfortunately they do not.
As well as being visually beautiful, the textures, smells and sounds were equally stunning.
We all had an amazing time and didn't want to leave, we were the last people there as they tried to shut up!
I promise we will visit again. And tell everyone we know about it. A gem to be shared.



  1. wow it looks amazing! I adore mosaic in a garden! x

  2. This place looks amazing - I love the floor mosaic with bottle lids and bits of pot (tony's handiwork it would appear!) I'm not surprised you didn't want to leave - it looks like toddler heaven! I've just looked up how far it is away from me...2hrs 40, booooo! Not day trip territory, shame!x

  3. It looks like a wonderful place. I love the cars in the first pic. xx

  4. Sounds and seems like an amazing place, beautiful pics!