Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nineteen months old

at nineteen months...

You love: Playing outside in the garden, sticks, footballs, bubbles, pressing the buttons on Daddy's camera, drawing, dancing, music, magazines, stickers, bouncing, your green horse, putting on grown up shoes, reading, bedtime stories, your best friend Edie, toy cars, socks!

You dislike: Having your nappy changed, being put in the car seat, sitting in supermarket trolleys, having 'no' said to you!

Your favourite toys: Your: Green horse, dolls crib, teepee, football, cuddly toys, garden chalks, any object that isn't safe to be played with!

Your favourite words: BOUNCE!, shocks (socks), oh nooo, OUT! (of your highchair, car seat, pushchair, cot...), baa-ey (blanky), wee wee! (If I go to the toilet!), Nellie/s, ta, pees (please).

The things I don't want to forget:
*Your current obsession with socks
*How you've just started saying 'Oh nooo' with such genuine concern at daily mishaps
*How you love to point out everything in a picture. It can take a really long time to read a book at the moment, you love spotting things!
*The look you give just as you are about to do something naughty/dangerous
*How you love running up the garden path and exploring on your own
*How you try and wash my hair/clean my teeth/wash my face when you're in the bath
*How flipping adorable you are!

Love you poppet, as always, forever


  1. Awww, "oh noooo"! She sounds like such a sweetie. (And I love the little dress she's wearing).
    I love reading your monthly updates - it makes me so excited for when my not-so-little-anymore baby starts walking and talking!x

  2. Little ones can be so comical at this age when they're constantly learning new things and coming into their own character! So beautiful :) x