Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter weekend

Our Easter was perfect. Although the car broke down on the Thursday, leaving us car-less for the long weekend, it forced us to do what was well needed, stay close to home and relax. Having Daddy home for four whole days in a row was a real treat, and a much needed break for him.

Good Friday was very laid back. We ventured out for lunch and to the local park for a walk. The sun shone even though there was still snow on the ground.

Easter Saturday morning was spent at a friends 2nd birthday party and with visiting family in the afternoon. We were even treated to a slap up meal at our local Turkish restaurant. The lamb meatballs were by far your favourite dish.

On Easter Sunday you woke up to some real treats left by the Easter bunny. An Easter egg hunt of paper eggs filled with treats, leading to your own teepee and pony. But of course, the chocolate treats outshone any of that! So much so, that you wouldn't nap for the whole day. We learnt from that mistake. Sugar in only very tiny doses from now on. But, even tired and grumpy, you enjoyed the rest of your day. We visited the Abbey and the Abbey house museum, where you met a giant Easter bunny. Hmmmm, you weren't the only one who wasn't sure about that. We finished off our day in true bank holiday style with a visit to the pub. You loved it. We loved it. You especially loved having your own pub glass. I especially loved having a large glass of wine.

Easter Monday was spent with Granny and big cousin, so you were very happy. Even more so when Granny brought in a box of my old childhood toys for you. You spent the afternoon dicing with danger trying to "BOUNCE" in the tiny rocking dolls crib. You can thank your Daddy for showing you that trick. We ended the day joining in our lovely neighbour's gigantic Easter Egg hunt. So much fun. You did a cracking job (no pun intended) finding the eggs and putting them in your tin bucket, and your big cousin left very happy, with pockets full of chocolate.

Like I said, perfect.


  1. Look like all of you had a great time, lovely pics!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Sounds like a really lovely Easter ... Bee xx