Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Seventeen months old

at seventeen months...

You love: Running, Dancing, Stamping, Clapping, "Cooking" with your own pans and tea set, your blanky, Clown Mouse, Eating, Watching TV (I really do try and limit this!!), Reading, Cleaning, Sitting on random objects, Walking up slopes, Splashing in puddles, Going to dance class, Animals (especially Ben the dog, Baby the cat and the Guinea Pigs), Riding on your dog, Kissing, Making animal noises.

You dislike: Sharing your favourite toys (just a little phase!), Walking in snow, Being separated from your blanky or Clown Mouse, Going shopping, Having your nappy changed.

Your favourite toysYour: Finger puppets, Baby doll, Tea set, Pans, Utensils and Toy food, Any soft toy, Cars, Wooden animals, Animal masks, Wooden puzzles, Balls.

Your favourite words: Mumm-eyyy, Dadd-eyyy, Dogg-eyyy, Byeeeee, Naa-naa (Banana), Yeah, Nonononononoooo!

You are the sweetest, smartest, funniest little poppet and we love you so much. 
Happy Seventeen Months.

PS Those golden curls coming through, I never want to forget them!

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  1. Such loving words and photos. Those curls! They are too cute for words.

    Gillian x