Monday, 2 July 2012

Twenty six weeks in

This week we have:

- had some seriously miserable weather. The wettest June since records began apparently. The storms have made for some amazing skies though.
- taken advantage of the one dry afternoon by decamping to the pub beer garden for tea. Jam sandwiches for the little bean, wine for Ma and Pa.
- had our first little war wound. Guinea pigs 1 - 0 little beans finger.
- seen everything in the house at bean level be pulled over, or used to pull up. Time to child proof me thinks.

Pics of the little beans first ever plaster, 'exploring' the bookshelves, stormy skies, beer garden tea and Daddy attacks, the peonies still going strong and the amazing post-storm view from our living room window.


  1. Remember when these babies would just lie in one spot? Those were the days! ;)
    Love Tim's face in that pic (not my galsses!!)
    Hoping you get some summer sunshine xx

    1. Those were the days, weren't they?!! Goodness, who knew something little could move so fast!
      Have a great week xx

  2. you record these moments so beautifully and that sky looks amazing. i don't miss those baby days of getting into everything...though in saying that penny who is 3.5 still does a pretty good job at it. happy child-proofing. and yes, tim's face is priceless. enjoy the rest of your week. xo