Monday, 23 July 2012

Twenty nine weeks in

This week we have:

-enjoyed some home time after our lovely, but tiring, holiday.
- welcomed back, with open arms and a smile on our face, what appears to be Summer again! Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
- celebrated the first first birthday out of our little friends.
- got a little bogged down by the sheer amount of holiday photo's we have taken. Apologies for the delay in posting our little adventure, we have nearly made our way through them all and will share them very soon.

Pics of: extreme speed crawling, flowers at the farm, tiny hands getting hold of Daddy's camera, blue skies, first ever taxi ride to our first first birthday party, party feet and strawberries, giddy party face, party games with pals, early morning summer sky and picnicking in the garden with the strawberry monster.

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