Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hello sunshine!

We are all moved. Exhausted but excited to be in our new family home. Luckily the weather has been amazing this week, a real heatwave to start off Spring and perfect for decamping to our new garden when the house has been too crammed full of boxes to move. So it was rather apt for the lovely Jess to pass on the sunshine award to me. Here are my answers to the sunshine questions:

Favourite colour: Red
Favourite animal: I'm a real animal lover, especially of anything small and rodenty! Though at the moment, I'm pretty in love with badgers. And I best say Guinea Pigs also, otherwise our loyal pets Betty and Beau may get offended!
Favourite non alcoholic drink: Tea. Lots of it.
Facebook or Twitter: I can't work out Twitter to save my life, so it would have to be Facebook, although I find it increasingly irritating!
Favourite number: 9
Favourite day of the week: Sunday fun day.
My passions: My little family, our home, photography, art, dance, music, theatre, food, birds, wildlife, gardening, vintage, bargain hunting, upcycling, daytripping, dressing up, cuddling.
Getting or giving presents: I LOVE giving people presents.Though I quite enjoy receiving them myself also!
Favourite pattern: Eek, l don't think I could pick. I'm generally drawn to anything patterned, and like them all to clash! Stripes, anything geometric, gingham and vintage florals all rate highly.
Favourite flower: Now I REALLY can't pick. I love pretty much all flowers. Flowers make me very happy and my favourites change seasonally. If I had to go on scent, lavender, violet or rose would come out tops.

Happy sunshine days : )


  1. Well done, moving is such a bind but now you can settle in to your new home. Enjoy. Have a good week x

  2. Thank you, I know it'll be worth the hard work in the end. Hope you have a good week too xx