Monday, 20 February 2012

Seven weeks in

This week we have:

- found our toes
- been for LOTS of walks (and seen a few first sneaky signs of spring!)
- become increasingly frustrated that we can't crawl!
- had lots of Valentines treats
- viewed more houses
- watched the baby cinema showing of 'Young adult'
- visited Great Granny
- been to work!
- enjoyed some time with Daddy before he goes off on tour

A plethora of pictures from our weekend adventures. Happy Mondays.


  1. On tour? Tell me more! Your spring is just around the corner... Sigh. I don't want summer to end! X

    1. We both work backstage for a theatre company which tours nationally 3 times a year. It sounds a lot more glam than it is, so I'm quite happy to be staying at home with the babe this year, though it does make everything doubly tiring (and take twice as long) with no Daddy around to help!
      Hope your summer sunshine holds out a little longer, I can't wait for more sunshine around here : ) x