Thursday, 23 February 2012

Downstairs at No. 6

We're moving house! In six weeks we'll be moving from our three level terrace with teeny front yard to a teeny terraced cottage with a HUGE garden. I'm very excited but also a tiny bit nervous to see how we'll manage to fit all our stuff in (We have a LOT of 'stuff').

It will be quite sad to say bye to No. 6, it was where the majority of our pre-baby fun took place. But it will be great to say hello to our new family home, where the little bean's first memories will be made. We'll be saying bye to a lot more than bricks and mortar, but it really marks the start of our new adventures as three, not two.

Cue a series of (image heavy!) posts of my favourite parts of No. 6, to show the little bean where we started off our little family.

 The kitchen wall
 My Jones sewing machine / kitchen side table
 The kitchen shelf of oddities
 The view from the kitchen sink
 A living room bookshelf
 A living room bookshelf
 The living room fireplace mantelpiece
 Cushions, sofa and toy basket
 The living room fireplace
 A living room bookshelf
 The living room walls
 The living room fireplace mantelpiece
 The kitchen windowsill
Kitchen table clutter

Like I said.... a LOT of 'stuff'.

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