Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two weeks in

This week we have:

- had a Swedish lunch out with our lovely friends at IKEA
- met a new bunch of mums and babies at the local new mums group
- had tea and gorgeous date scones and played with our NCT buddies
- had a whole new wardrobe of baby clothes to choose from after moving up a size (we're in 3-6 months now, whoopee!)
- had our new mums sewing course cancelled (aboo), but have committed to spending that time being creative (or attempting to!)
- had our 3rd immunisations (grumpy babe but more sleep for Mummy... every cloud and all that)
- been to the baby cinema to watch 'The Help' with Daddy in tow too
- got filmed for some BBC world service feature
- experimented making lots of new noises
- dressed up for 4 month photos
- went to the opening of our lovely friends exhibition
- had Sunday dinner made for us by visiting family
- (and last but definitely not least) have discovered the joys of teething (thank goodness for Calpol, is all I can say)

Here's the babe in new stripes. I'm hoping the clashing colours will distract from the pain of teething.

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