Friday, 6 January 2012

One week in

Well, the first week of the year (and first week of being home alone without Daddy in over a month) has flown by. In fact, my attempt to fill it with fun family events, may have taken it to the point of being frantic. Oopsy. Oh well, we've still enjoyed ourselves!

This week we have:

- been bargain hunting in the sales, a mere three times (!)
- met up with friends for tea and cake
- bounced a lot
- treated ourselves to freshly cut flowers
- dribbled a lot
- booked ourselves on to a 'bring your own baby' new mums creative sewing course (I'm intrigued as to how that will work!)
- upgraded from Moses basket to cot
- registered onto the local new mums group
- started doing big belly laughs
- been to the cinema for the 'bring your own baby' families and babies showing


A few piccies of sales bargains, the babe enjoying the film at the baby cinema and new flowers.

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