Sunday, 29 December 2013


Christmas 2013.

So special, the first Christmas that you've really understood what is going on.

We had to really persuade you that going to find your stocking in the morning was a good idea, the whole Santa concept was a little scary for you, which looking through the eyes of a two year old, is pretty understandable. But it was definitely worth it. You've clearly been a very good girl this year.

Stocking presents were followed by a trip to Great-Granny's, who presented you with your own little piano. I'm pretty sure that the songs that you performed there and then in G-G's flat made everyone's Christmas.

Christmas lunch at Granny's house, more presents and a good walk came next, finishing off the day perfectly.

And Boxing Day followed similarly with your Aunty and big boy Cousins around instead.

We're now enjoying the post-Christmas lull, before heading off for a second Christmas with Granny C and Grandad G in a few days time.

Merry Christmas sweet pea, and to all those around us. We hope you all have had the happiest of times.