Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Summer was...

made of...

-teepees and garden toys
-dance class showings
-relaxed afternoons with best friends
-washing basket rides
-lakeside walks with our favourite people
-scraped knees
-meadow adventures
-daisies and sunhats
-garden bathtimes
-big cousins
-pouts and poses
-beer garden visits
-face painting
-family walks
-beautiful scenery and red wellies
-dressing up adventures
-sailor hats
-park times
-al fresco painting
-stone collecting
-animal faces
-beautiful skies
-more picnics
-blackberry picking
-best friends birthdays
-bunches and bunting
-flower filled exploring adventures
-walks in the wood
-sunny spots
-flower picking
-Ben dog chats

...and a lot of fun, love, cuddles and laughter.
Thank you for such a brilliant summer, my little sunbeam.



  1. looks like a summer full of laughter and adventures - the way it should be when you're a toddler! might have to steal this idea, a look back at all our sunny times sounds good! x

  2. These are such a gorgeous compilation of captures! What a wonderfully bright and beautiful summer you had! xo

  3. Ah, summer looks lovely. And the grazed knees are my favourite - evidence of fun had.