Saturday, 6 July 2013


Ta-dah!, hooray!, yeahhhh!, summer is here!
It is hot. And we have celebrated this with our besties.
Days in the garden making tee-pees, playing in the sandpit, drawing chalk murals, making nature boards, in the paddling pool, swinging, having BBQ dinners, visiting school fetes, finding beer gardens with bouncy castles. Bliss.



  1. The joy on her face is just infectious! Beautiful photo xx

  2. I was just about to head to bed as I'm zonked...and then this picture popped up on Blogger and I just had to click it! What a happy one she is! Sounds like a blissful week indeed, and not just for toddlers! This hot weather has brought our paddling pool-less existence to my attention - this needs rectifying I think!
    Hope the rest of your weekend is as happy as her face :D xx

  3. So much joy and happiness, love it! Summer days are truly the best! xx

  4. what a darling photo! Makes me grin ear to ear!

  5. Oh, she is happy! Great moment captured here!