Thursday, 13 June 2013

Twenty-one months old

At twenty-one months old.....

You love: Bay (your blanky), sand, splashing in water, washing your hands, bubbles, being on holiday, doggies, cats, birdies, blueberries, ice-cream, orange juice, nursery, dancing, Edie, butterflies, going for walks, bouncing, dancing, bath time, cuddles, stickers, shoes.

You dislike: Having your nappy changed, eggs, crusts on your bread, having your nose wiped.

And we love you!

Forever and ever and always


  1. She looks, and sounds, like SO much fun! Toddlers really do have their priorities right - stickers, dancing and bubbles all make for lovely times!x

  2. Aw soo cute, especially that last pic! Love the snoopy shoes. xx

  3. That face! So adorable! Lovely to remember all the little things from this age.