Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Eighteen months old

at eighteen months...

You love: Dance class, biscuits, Clown Mouse, your blanky, "Beebies" (watching your favourite TV programmes), reading, magazines, my make-up bag, hats, my sunglasses on car journeys, playing outside in the back yard, chalk, drawing, bubbles, playing with play dough with Granny, making tea, walking ahead or behind everyone else, throwing yourself to the floor, turning round and round, walking backwards.

You dislike: Putting your coat on, leaving nursery, being put in your car seat, being picked up when you want to walk, having your nose wiped / face washed / hair washed, hand dryers in toilets.

Your favourite toys: Your: Clown Mouse, finger puppets, tea set, pots and pans, toy food, balls, soft toys, any little plastic creature, wooden animals, blocks, building bricks, bath toys.

Your favourite words: 1, 2, 3, 4, eyes, nose, baa-baa, babby (baby), tea, Do-raa, doggy, hat, bib, dansin (dancing), drowin (drawing), knee, clap, We are! (as in  'If you're happy and you know it'), star (as in 'Twinkle, twinkle'), ta, pees (please), beebieees (as in CBeebies, naughty Mummy!) and, of course, your very impressive collection of animal noises.

The things I don't want to forget:
*Your golden curls.
*The smiles you give when I walk into your room when you've just woken up (top photo).
*Your favourite place to sit is my knee, sometimes you'll come to me, hug my leg and say knee, and we have to sit down there and then (often on the kitchen floor), with you in my lap for a cuddle.
*How the first noise we hear from you in the morning is the sound of you counting your toes, just like you do with Daddy, quietly in your cot.
*The way you say "Baa baa" when you want to play with your case of finger puppets (featuring Baa baa black sheep...).
*Your little kisses, given with such care and consideration at the most needed moments.
*How totally smitten you are with your Granny, you get so upset when she leaves!
*How you currently run around the house shouting "Do-raa", copying the way your GG's carers speak to her, but at me!

Our little darling, we love you more than the world.


  1. What a lovely post about your daughter. They grow so fast. I wish I had written down all the words my older boys used to say when they were babies.

    Leanne xx

  2. What a truly lovely record for your little girl ... she will adore reading this when she's older ... Bee xx

  3. So sweet! I love the toe counting and the 'we are'!

    I've just read lots of these out to my husband - our little girl is nearly 10 months and we're very excited for the next walking/talking/playing phase!

  4. Eighteen months is such a good age, you really get a taste of freedom, life with a 'real' grown up kid! Beautiful photos, I love the counting toes thing!

  5. Awww! so sweet, I read every line and is so sweet the way you talk with so much love.
    She is precious, I remember when my son wake up and smiled at me, he still wake up and
    run to me to give me a hug and he is 7 now, he is my everything too.

    Have a lovely day!