Monday, 10 September 2012

Thirty six weeks in

This week we have:

- been the busiest ever. With the little bean starting nursery part-time, me starting my handover at work, ready to start back next week, and all the planning and preparing for some very special birthdays and a very special party this week, things have been pretty full on. Not enough hours in the day, or days in the week. Having said that, we are still managing to spend some lovely, precious time together, with it being the last of my maternity leave. This weekend the sun came out in all it's glory and we got to enjoy our newly tidied garden, eating outside, playing on the swing and exploring. We also kicked off a week of birthday celebrations with a gallery visit and meal out with family. With the little bean, Daddy and my nephew all sharing a birthday this week, we designated this weekend for Daddy's celebrations, and the next weekend for the little bean, with her first birthday party (fingers crossed the glorious sunshine comes back for then!). This week will be full of lots of mini celebrations also. And I can't wait. It's emotional already!
So, I apologise in advance, things are going to be pretty quiet here, blog-wise, whilst we try and adjust into the next stage of our lives. Though I will certainly be sharing lots of birthday pictures, I just might not be great at responding to comments or keeping up to date with everyone else's blogs for a few weeks. Bear with us!

Above pics:
- making party decorations
- first day at nursery
- making more decorations
- post nursery snuggles
- the eyes of a very-nearly-one-year-old
- homemade party favours
- packing up party bags in advance
- in the garden
- this year's tomato harvest!! Ooops!
- dining al fresco
- lavender in the sun, mmmmmmm
- on the way to pre-birthday celebrations, travelling in style
- at the gallery with Grandad
- my loves



  1. Just lovely and you will move into this next stage perfectly together, Jo xx

  2. Good luck with your return to work, and your daughters first birthday - the most precious milestone!! She is gorgeous - I love that photo of her sucking her thumb. Your party bags and favours look fab by the way. x