Saturday, 23 June 2012


Two weeks ago, on June 8th, we celebrated a milestone in my family history. My Granny's 100th birthday.
Family and friends from Canada, Cyprus and all over the UK came together to join this very special lady at her very special party. 
We celebrated with a fusion of traditional English and Cypriot music, food and entertainment, perfectly matched to our family's heritage.  If medals were given for party planning, my Mum deserves one of the highest accolade for the amazing job she did. The whole afternoon was perfect.

My favourite pics from the day, all taken by my fantastic Tim. The mood perfectly captured.

(And yes, that is a fireman strippogram. If you can't indulge on your 100th birthday, when can you?!)


  1. What a gorgeous granny. So special that she can spend time with the little bean. One of my biggest regrets is that my Nan didn't get to meet Gus before she passed, made me a little emotional looking at your pics. :'( But then I saw the strippogram! Hilarious! xx

    1. Aaw, I'm really sorry to hear that : (. There are many people I wish were still around to meet the little bean too, we are really lucky to still have my Granny here. Big hugs. xx
      And yep, totally hilarious, I do not think I have ever laughed as much! xx

  2. Wow what a special occasion. Looks like you had an amazing party, so nice for everyone to get together. I love the look on your grannies face with the stripper - so lovely. xx

  3. i stopped by the other day and got a little distracted when i saw the strippogram to leave comment. i just love these photos. your granny's smile is precious. what a remarkable age. she looks great. xo